Sunday, April 18, 2010

Work work work

Well, I haven't had time to draw at all since that first blog.
Work has kept me over a bit longer than expected lately..

All in all, no free times for me.. .boo. T_T

But on the brightside, on the 22nd, Willard will finally be here! Yay >w<
So, at least I've got my optimism back. =3

I'd be much better off if I had commissions coming my way again.. I really haven't seen one of those in ages. I don't know if people just think I suck, or everyone is just poor. >>

I suppose I'll try to stay positive, as better things will come one's way in that case.
Maybe now that I've reached a computer, I can spit something out later tonight or tomorrow, we'll see.

Ta ta!


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