Monday, April 19, 2010

When are things going to get easy?


I've had it planned for months that Willard was to come here, and my ex-roomate Ashley promised that she would pick him up. And now, as I text her, I'm finding out she may not be able to...

and on top of that.. he leaves tomorrow morning to come here...

So, I'm sure you can imagine that I'm just a tad stressed.

Also, I've unfortunately gained a decent amount of weight, no longer fitting the brides maid dress I originally fit back in november. So now I'm pretty much screwed unless I drop about 40 lbs in a few months... No more food for me..

From all the above, I haven't been too happy. I haven't had the mood to just sit down and work on art. Everything keeps crashing around me, so the want to create has dwindled..
Making this more and more a journal then an art blog, which I originally wanted it to be, and still want it to... but at the moment its not, and I apologize. If things were better, there would be more to see.

I'm sorry life is made of fail at the moment and there's nothing to look at..but I promise there will be soon.


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