Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Home is where the creative heart is.

In the past day, I've been really getting back into jamming to music. I realized just sitting around that its been too quiet around. With that idea, I popped on my playlist and had a sense of euphoria.
I haven't heard some of these songs in ages! Its amazing what listening to an old favorite can do. I've got into a happier and optimistic mood from it, its refreshing. :3

Willard is currently in Texas, as of 1am EST., so he's alittle farther than he was. I'm sure that trip will make a lot of distance during the night. All the plans that became broken out of nowhere, are now fixed with a bit of quick thinking and alternation.
My good friend Ghosty (Kalyn) and Mary Lou are my life savers during this rollercoaster of a mess. They deserve much kudos, and a cookie.

I've been working on concept sketches for Citrine, in my notebook. I can't settle on anything for the characters on the "evil" side. I have the general idea of the type of people I want them to be, just not the details on them one by one, if that makes sense. I've done off and on revamping of the outfits for the characters as well, I just can't seem to settle my OCD on one in particular. I don't want them changing too much, if at all during this story, so I have to fight my brain to come up with a final idea. Its driving me nuts.. and is mainly why I haven't produced much on Citrine lately. Well, that, and the fact that life has been a mess lately..

Just being back home, in front of my computer, with my cat and old environment are making me feel much more productive. Something about the incense, the lighting, the old things I use to look at everyday.. ah bliss!

I wish I would get more commissions, I haven't had one in a good while, and it kinda of leaves me feeling unwanted. =/ But, I know that I'll have to at least get something going with Citrine to capture attention, hopefully positive, or neutral if anything.

...ah .. I miss you Daft Punk. d^_^b



  1. What happened to Daft Punk that makes you miss them?

  2. Nothing, it was Daft Punk popping on my playlist that brought back memories.