Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The day approaches

So, Willard has been delayed about 6 hours. Apparently, a group of people missed the bus, as well as himself, and they had to wait 3 hours for the next one going the same way. Fun...
So, starting the day early, isn't going according to plan anymore, then again.. what does anymore?
Tomorrow should be a fun day overall though. What with Willard coming finally, us hanging out with Ghosty, finally having a place for us to stay, etc. I'm pretty optimistic that it'll all go pretty well, so let's hope its not to waste.

Paypal has been ticking me off again lately. They like to think its ok to verify my bank, then take it back off without telling me. I had to spend money with my paypal to realize it, luckily its been only one thing.. but, now I have to figure out where that charge went to, hopefully nowhere bad.
It pretty much told me that its the bank itself denying all these transfers, so I have to go flip on PNC for the fifth time, to get things to run smoothly. Gosh, do I hate banks.

Well I'll stop rambling for once and get to cleaning the house for tomorrow. Also, oh snap, I drew something! It'll have to do for now, once again, no time to really sit and do anything on Photoshop, and at the moment I'm too lazy to take pictures and load them.

Here's to a better tomorrow!


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