Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Just as the title says, it is the day of Earth. I hope that you all are going as green as you can, though I've already failed at that pretty hard today. So, I think I'll redeem myself by walking somewhere rather than ride in a car. That seems pretty doable.

At least when I do, I'll have people to walk with. Willard arrives in 3 or so hours, then Kalyn is going to pick him up. (with or without her raver clothes haha)
I'll make sure to take pictures of the fun day ahead, it'll give you all something to look at, at least.

Well this one is going to be short, since there's a lot to do.
Though I'm not sure the next time I'll be able to write on here, since we're technically moving into mary lou's house, but I'll make it a point to do something else during the day so her and her man can do things and be alone. So we'll see how this all ends up, hopefully not as bad as last time.. roomates are hard. >>

Also, random note, there's ANOTHER Shrek moving coming out?... what else could they possibly do with that story..


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