Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Looking to Print :3

I'm thinking on trying my hand at making tangible objects such as charms, tshirts, stickers, etc. I need to take a step towards what I wanted to do for awhile, sell things.

Looking at things on the internet is fine and dandy and all, but in reality, I want things people can wear and look at outside of here. And hopefully, have people talk and ask "where'd you get that?". And the idea of little Gordy charms and such floating about the world makes me smile. :3

Its just an idea right now, but if I can figure out where to get these things printed, it'd get me started and I can start selling things on my Etsy shop. (which is getting dusty since there's nothing to sell in it just yet). Link here --> Bookmark it, I plan on adding things soon.

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  1. Hey girl I gave you a blog award!