Monday, October 4, 2010

Doll Faceup Done! ... Finally

Hey all. As the title says, I finally did my BJD's faceup. It only took me like 98349043 years to do it, but its finally done. She turned out much differently than I first pictured. I found some neat marbles on an old piece of jewelry that I substituted for her eyes. As odd as it looked, after I finished, it actually fit her quite nicely. I kept going and going, adding dodads and whosawhatsits galore. Of course all this fun took me about 6 hours of trial and error... which wasn't all that fun.

But, I'm happy to say that I'm pleased with how she came out, and that she now has a face and personality... it only took a few long months to get started. ^^; Now that my doll has a face, clothes, and makeup, I can look forward to sewing clothes for her and crafting objects/jewelry to go with them as well. Yay for creative outlets! 8D

I'll update with a picture or two soon .. as it may take awhile since my camera is on the fritz.



  1. Ooh, I wanna see! Does your phone have a camera?