Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ren Faire - Opening Week

Willard and I just got back from going to the local renaissance festival today. It was fun but kind of boring since I left.

Since the management changed, most of the cast is different, and some of the fun events/acts got taken out.. ... .. its turned lame. I hate to think a place I once loved, went this direction.. but I guess it always has to happen. It was on its way down anyway, the guy that owned the land was a doucher, so its his fault.
I blame his old self.

It was nice meeting up with people I haven't seen in agggges, especially my old boss from there, Beth. She's pretty cool, we bought a Mortar & pestle from her, something we finally managed to get.

In other news, my search for a corset has once again been unsuccessful.
I could not find one for under $100.. its pretty ridiculous. I mean, I completely understand the idea of profit and yadda yadda... but some of them... they definitely weren't worth that much.
But whatever, you'll have overpricing at small shops sometimes.

I can't say I bought anything productive besides a homemade perfume with a fancy bottle from one shop. The husband made the perfumes and the wife maintained the shop and bottled the perfumes. She was super sweet, too bad I didn't catch her name..

Honestly, I didn't think we'd stay as long as we did, but for some reason the day just flew by. I figured we would be there for maybe 4 hours at most, but we ended up staying from 12-5:30. I'm still not sure what we did all that time.. it really didn't seem like we did anything interesting.
I guess the atmosphere of the faire just made time pass quickly, but go figure I want to be somewhere and time stops being slow. XD

I will have to search online, or save 40983459034509348 dollars for one of the homemade corsets at the faire. Either way, I MUST GET ONE. I'm determined.
Maybe i'll try haggling..

We plan to go back soon, maybe next time I'll remember to take pictures. XD


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