Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Birthday :3

Well today was my birthday (as its 11:42pm now), and I'm another year older.
21 to be exact.
I don't exactly feel older, but I have more privileges now. Though.. I won't use them much I'm sure.

I went out to the bar with my parents and Red Lobster with my mother.
I had more fun at the restaurant. I got a giant margarita cup thinger filled with pina colada stuff. AWESOME 8D

The day is over in 15 minutes now... -sigh-
It wasn't as eventful as I had hoped it'd be as a young kid.
I figured there'd be a huge blowout, a big day, big party, maybe a car involved? .. and it was the total opposite of that.
Oh well..

it sucks getting old.


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  1. Hehe, on my 21st birthday, my brother offered to take me drinking. Of course, I refused.

    Instead I went with my friend Jaime to our favorite chicken place, Guthrie's. He bought. It was simple but nice.