Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sorry for the inactivity + Kiss me

Hello all, I haven't posted in a bit. Life has been a bit hectic, to say the least.
As you see above, I've taken some time to draw something a little more time consuming, for a contest of all things. Since Nobody has commissioned me as of late, other than avatar sites, I had to do something other than the original things I do in my portable notebook.

I don't really enjoy drawing on paper, since I've become accustomed to digital art. And eraser marks/blurry smears are just irritating, bottom line. -__-

I have a few concepts still in there beginning stages, I just happened to crank this 6 hour project out because of.. well... a contest deadline. XD Here is a link to the contest this was done for: Click here!

I plan to be more active and get more practice this summer. Since the seasonal people coming back from school are taking my hours at work, I'll have plenty of time... *cough*

Hope you all had a wonderful Memorial day!

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