Thursday, May 20, 2010

Getting back into the swing.

Hey everyone, just going to post two freebies I've done tonight for some Solians.
I'm trying to get some practice in, since I haven't used my tablet in forever to do any art.

I almost forgot how to use it T_T... not really.. but its been awhile.


  1. I swear, Katie, you'll get more practice in if you just start drawing things for yourself. Even non-Citrine-related things.

  2. Well I do, just on paper, why are you so dead set of me drawing other things? I do many different things in the comfort of my sketchbooks when an idea comes to me or I just want to sketch. So everything I do isn't always computer related. I don't post everything I do on the internet, so just because its not on Deviantart or here doesn't mean I'm not drawing.

  3. But you have nothing to show for it. All you seem to post up for the last two years is stuff you've done for others (often for free), which means those are the only things you're carrying to completion. Sketching is good, but it doesn't mean much if you aren't applying what you learn to finished pieces.

  4. Just because all my pieces aren't on Deviantart doesn't mean I'm not drawing them or finishing them. I have some finished ones traditionally done here, so its not like I'm avoiding art all together. I do art when I want to and show what I want. I'm not trying to compete or show up someone else, I'm happy with my pace.